Like other businesses many medical practices prefer to own and maintain their servers on-site.

With our Houston Hosting service, you can leave behind the problems of maintaining your own servers.

When you choose Houston Hosting there’s no hardware to upgrade, no software to update, no technical issues to troubleshoot. Instead, let us take care of all that for you with our cloud-based hosting.*

With your practice management software stored in the cloud, and accessible over the internet, you can manage your practice from anywhere.

  • Save yourself the hassle of taking care of your own back-ups and storing them off-site
  • There’s no need to set aside a server room
  • You can easily limit who has access to secure files

Houston Medical will manage all your updates for you, including software packages, service packs, security releases, and antivirus software.

All you have to do is get on with running your practice and leave the technical side to us. It’s that simple.

* If cloud-based hosting isn’t right for your practice, and keeping your servers on-site is a better option for you, our practice management systems are available as a fully client-based solution.