We understand choosing products to meet long-term needs is an important purchasing decision.

Running your practice has never been so simple

We asked clinicians, nurses, help-desk operators and practice managers what they needed from their practice management software, and we listened.

  • A flexible package that’s easy and quick to use
  • Fits all your financial, administrative and clinical requirements
  • Integrates with your medical devices and other applications to streamline your data management
  • Customisable to make it work just for you does all that and more. It’s everything you need to run a more efficient and productive practice.


Discover what other allied health providers already have

Discover what other allied health providers already have

VIPgold is the most popular EMR/HER software among New Zealand allied health providers and general practitioners.

Why? VIPgold takes the stress out of running your practice. It streamlines all your data collection and storage, from medical records to financial information. It makes sending referrals and invoices simple, and it can be customised to fit the way you work.

Best of all, it suits any practice and management style. It’s software that’s designed to grow with your practice, so you only add licenses and functions when you actually need them.


Memotxt allows you to send text messages to your patients/clients via your Houston Practice Management System.

When a patient fails to show up for their appointment, it costs you money.

And even two or three no-shows a week can cost your practice tens of thousands of dollars in revenue each year.

Not only that, but there’s a real risk of a patient’s health being at risk due to missing an appointment.

But when you add MemoTxt to your or VIPgold install, you can send appointment reminders straight from your Houston Medical system to their phone via text message.


Like other businesses many medical practices prefer to own and maintain their servers on-site.

With Houston Medical’s hosting service, you can leave behind the problems of maintaining your own servers.

There’s no hardware to upgrade, no software to update, no technical issues to troubleshoot. Instead, let us take care of all that for you with our cloud-based hosting products.

With your practice management software stored in the cloud, and accessible over the internet, you can manage your practice from anywhere.

  • Save yourself the hassle of taking care of your own back-ups and storing them off-site
  • There’s no need to set aside a server room
  • You can easily limit who has access to secure files